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Bali Spa Radisson BLU Bucuresti

Bali Spa Bucharest is a 5 * Hotel Spa, at the 1st floor in Radisson Blu Hotel.

Guests can enjoy a wide variety of body treatments, massages, Balinese Rituals and Cosmetic tyreatments by our expert spa specialists. Bali Spa is a part of ProEstetica Group of companies dedicated to health and beauty !

A visit to Bali Spa is a total sensory experience.

Our all natural  treatments drawn on the ancient health and beauty traditions of Indonesia, from cultures that celebrate beauty and refinement and honor nature’s precious gifts.
Our gracious staff will serve you from the heart, careful never to intrude in your experience.
The exotic aromas of the spices and fragrant blooms, and gentle sounds of soothing music, will bathe your senses and lull you into a state of relaxed bliss.

An unforgettable experience awaits you!

- Balinese massage
- Hot stone massage
- Swedish massage
- Reflexology
- Aromatherapy
- 4 Traditional Balinese Body  Rituals based on essential oils:
1.  Balinese  Ritual  - Coconut Cinammon Body Scrub, Boreh Body Mask, Balinese/Swedish Massage. 
2.  Zen for Mind and Body Ritual - Green Tea Body Mask, Hot Stone Massage.
3.  Anti-Cellulite Body Ritual -   Anti-Cellulite Body Scrub & Mask,  Lymph Drainage/Swedish Massage.
4. Exotic flowers  Body Ritual – Lotus & Frangipani.

Aesthetic advanced Facial treatments with Academie (France)

Aesthetic medicine on request :   * Fine lines correction with botulinic toxin * Lip enhancement * Permanent laser hair removal  * Laser depigmentation  * Laser skin rejuvenation
Step into the exotic world of Southeast Asia with a visit to Bali Spa and immerse yourself in its therapeutic ambiance!

Bali Spa - Your  exotic journey !                    

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1st  floor Radisson SAS Hotel  Bucharest
Calea Victoriei 68-81
Tel : +40.21 601 37 80  ; +40.732 667 839

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