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SkyKarting Kartodrome is born out of passion of two karting champions of a national and international level,  Paolo Gagliardini and Nazareno Compagnoni.

The circuit adresses to all who are passioned by speed and adrenalin, wether professionists or amateurs.         

The structure houses an incredible indoor superposed karting circuit, built at high standards of quality, professionalism  and safety.    

The indoor SkyKarting circuit is special for the originality and professional standards of its building , and it contains a spectacular bridge and a professional circuit with a total length of  420 m and 6 m width.

The Sky Go-karts are a most recent generation model of the well-known brand  CRG,  and they are able to offer you a strong portion of  adrenalin.  SkyKarting puts the 12 Karts CRG, BLACK FLASH model at disposal for adults, with cilindric power of 270,HONDA GX270 engine, 12 CP and 150 kg weight. The fleet Sky also has two Bipost karts for pairs, parents and children and not only.   

As a plus of professionalism, the whole karting activity is managed by an advanced soft created by the  Sms -Timing company, the international leader in computer systems for pleasure karting.

For the breaks between the races,  SkyKarting has got a lounge bar of  100 m2  with a glass wall overlooking the track, which makes it possible for the customers to watch the karting races. 

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Adress: Bucuresti, Sos. Pipera Tunari , nr. 2/II

Tel. reservations: 0721 438857
Dep. Marketing:  Ana Sandolache
Tel. 0723 700949

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