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Courses of Romanian Language for Foreigners


Romanian language tuition is offered at ECHO - The Centre of Foreign Languages with special attention to the client's needs, tackling a flexible approach as we consider that useful and considerable time and energy are invested.

Romanian language tuition provides:
• a general background which enables the speaker to address and work through language problems experienced while his or her stay here
• an opportunity to focus on business critical language and terminology specific to any industry/sector
• focused lessons on particular skills such as letter writing, report writing, speech giving, presentations or comprehension
• a focus on pronunciation and delivery of spoken language to ensure clarity and fluency of speech

Courses Management

Lessons are delivered on an individual basis or small group (3-4 persons) basis, at our premises from 56, Pache Protopopescu Bd., Bucharest, sector 2 or at your premises, being that your workplace or your residence.

ECHO defines the language achievement in three levels from Beginner towards Intermediate up to Advanced level but they can be continued by professional courses. For each of the modules, we recommend 28 sessions of 1.5 hours each.

The General Romanian courses are a mixture of grammar, vocabulary, exercises, conversation, listening and the trainer pays attention to the special needs of the student and emphasises those problems that are not very clear along the course.

Our method which is firstly based on the development of speaking and comprehending will help you communicate efficiently in the foreign language you are studying. Yet, along the process of the learning process, there will not be ignored the grammar and vocabulary structures, putting special emphasis on those problems that need supplementary explanations

We have named the General Romanian Language Course - "Romanian" - A Different Language because Romanian, in spite of its influences that marked it along the centuries, remained a vivid, lively language with a strong personality. Besides, it is a Romanic language living among Slavic or Fino-Ugric origin languages, with a clearly Latin grammar that kept its character and borrowed words from different languages at some extent.

For further details concerning the structure of each of the mentioned levels, please visit our web-site

What course do I choose?

- Romanian one-to-one (trainer-student)

This course offers a greater flexibility because you can choose a certain schedule and a certain trainer. The course can take place at the headquarters of your company/organization or at Echo headquarters. The fee/hour is 75 lei and you can purchase either an entire module or as many hours as you prefer.

- Romanian in a group (trainer – several students)

This course is organized for the employees of the same company/institution wishing to learn the Romanian language; the interaction between the students in a group course can be very important for advancing in the learning process. The fee/module (the module is made up of 42 hours) is 1000 lei.

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Echo – Centre of Foreign Languages and Translation/Interpreting Services
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