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Chicco is the only complete range created not only for babies but also helping parents in raising their children more comfortably and securely.

The strength of this brand is precisely that of being the only cross-category brand on the world market able to satisfy the needs of children from 0 to 36 months at 360°.

Chicco product range is varied, containing the following groups of products:
- cosmetics created especially for mothers-to-be;
- parapharmaceutical products (teats, pacifiers, feeding bottles, breast pumps, sterilizers  etc.);
- special cosmetics for babies;
- toys covering the entire range of age from 0 month to 3 years;
- Child-care accessories (strollers, car seats, walkers,highchairs, beds, etc.);
- Clothing and shoes for children from 0 month to 7 years.

The “Chicco” products are imported and distributed in Romania since 1996 by Paralela 45 Turism SRL company , through its commercial department.

At present you can find us in our own 9 Chicco stores, located in :
a. Chicco Store Bucuresti
Adress: Str Ceaikovski Nr.7 Sector 2, Tel: 315.89.72 ,
b. Chicco Store Brasov
Adress: Blv. 15 Noiembrie nr 100 Tel: 0268.474.009,
c. Chicco Store Constanta
Adress: Bd. Tomis nr 105 Tel: 0241.520.612
d. Chicco Store Cluj
Adress: Str. Iuliu Maniu nr.43 Tel: 0264.460.335
e. Chicco Store Timisoara
Adress: Str Augustin Pacha nr.6 ,Tel : 0256.202.512
f. Chicco Store Iasi
Adress :Str. Costache Negri nr. 43 Tel.
g. Chicco Store Craiova
Adress :str.Theodor Aman nr. 1 Tel: 0351.431.058
h. Chicco Store Pitesti
Adress: Bld. I. C. Bratianu, bl. D1, parter, Tel: 0348.730.421
i. Chicco Store Galati
Adress : str Brailei , Bloc P1, Parter Tel: 0336.401.284

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