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SABON was born out of love for textures and perfumes, for the art of care, for creation and for listening to the other, offering people relaxation and magic moments in life.

Starting with home-made soaps after a 70 years old Australian prescription, SABON has specialized in creating personalized and exciting experiences, developing care products for body and soul, considering also that the environment is an integral part of these experiences.

SABON products are made of high quality ingredients, based on formulas that meet international standards. SABON is the mark of its innovations, such as home-made soaps sold by weight, development of special perfumes, unique packaging design, carefully listening to the needs of those around us. The trust that people give SABON products and services for over 14 years and the desire to benefit from natural care certify the presence of over 100 SABON stores in cosmopolitan cities around the world.

Each SABON product is a feeling that you want to live again and again. The mineral salts and perfumed scrubs with Dead Sea minerals and nourishing essential oils, as well as the bath milk or oil turn bathing into a luxuriant ritual to relax and revitalize the entire body. The Shea butter, the lotions and the body oil naturally nourish the skin, providing the best care thanks to ingredients like avocado oil, cocoa butter, almond oil or grape seeds. Mother and Baby line contains hypoallergenic ingredients based on chamomile, lavender, rose, orange and vanilla, while the citrus flavored products and woody notes of the line True Gentleman promise to indulge and inspire even the most powerful man. Remarkable for its rare ingredients, carefully selected from the wealth of the Amazon forest is the special Organic SABON Hair Care line.

And as harmony comes not only from within us, but also from the space we live in, SABON also developed ambiental elements designed to brighten the time you spend at home: various flavors, textiles and ceramics of Tuscany inspiration.

SABON understands the deep meaning of the word "gift" and pays special attention to special packaging of gifts. You can choose the desired gift already packed with inspiration and good taste or you can be assisted in creating a customized one, according to your wishes and the preferences of the person you wish to surprise. Each gift is individually packed and receives special treatment. You will be surprised to discover that even the gift you buy for yourself receives full attention and is packed with care and love.

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Winmarkt Shopping Center, Galati

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