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CITY DENT is one of the top 3 dental clinics in Bucharest with investments of over 2 million Euro in a state-of-the-art clinic and in top medical equipment. It provides professional dental care with a trained team of specialist acquainted with the newest developments in the dental care industry, who have been exposed to the international practice in countries like Germany and France.                                    

Since the opening of  its latest clinic in 2008, CITY  DENT has offered a wide range of dental treatments from dental surgery and implants to cosmetic dentistry and periodontics. CITY DENT is one of the fewest dental clinics in Romania that has a dedicated team of professionals dealing with the specifics of pediatric dental care.

The clinic benefits as well from the expertise of a number of visiting foreign professionals, a supplementary expertise that is brought upon request to support personalized solutions for the clinic's clients.

CITY DENT’s latest generation equipment was selected having in mind the clients, their worries and expectation when it comes to making a visit to a dental practitioner. The clinic has  the newest-in-line digital radiological equipment that has the lowest possible radiation among the similar equipment present on the Romanian market.

With The Expat Card we offer you 10% off at the following dental services:

a. Periodic consultation, X-rays
b. Prophylaxis
c. Photo-composite fillings
d. Canal fillings

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Contact: str. Teheran, nr.2, etaj 2

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