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Kathrin Weident photography

It all began when I discovered my love for photography during my fine arts studies
in Germany and continued with working for a well- known art photostudio in Berlin.

After obtaining my master of arts and moving to Romania, I founded my Romanian business, focused exclusively on photography and painting, which currently runs into it's 7th year.


@Corporate clients: No professional pictures of your employees, projects or works for websites or advertising?

@Private clients: No ideas for a special gift? Do you like feeling like a model? How about surprising yourself, your family or friends with an unique, individual photoshooting or a gift voucher therefore?


Citycompass: " Dedicated photographer and painter Kathrin Weident places people in the centre of her creations. Classical portraits, beauty or model photography, paintings and even the creation of complex sceneries are part of her repertoire. The goal is to capture every  object's individuality and to illustrate it using the artist's very own creative way of seeing things. CityCompass highly recommends her services."

Some of my clients:
  - the German embassy in Romania;
  - the German-Romanian chamber of commerce (DRAHK);
  - the US Marine Corps in Romania;
  - Commerzbank;
  - BSB - the British School of Bucharest;
  - DSBU - the German private school in Bucharest;
  - World Class Gyms;
  - Citycompass;
  - STALFORT. Legal. Tax. Audit
  - The Lake View Office Building
  - German "Konrad Adenauer" and "Friedrich Ebert"  Foundations,
  - Kraftanlagen München GmbH;
  - Model agencies and designers;
  - as well as a lot of private clients.

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Kathrin Weident

Phone: 0743 692 894


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