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Rossetya is the place where we remember the Wallachian society of the nineteenth century, when…

…boyards would give up their Oriental kaftans and send their sons to study in Western Europe and everything was much simple…

In 1848, the old borough of Bucharest burn the Nobility Code on the Metropolitan Church Hill and dressed up in modern clothes, in keep with the fashion in Paris and Viena, preserving, though, in the dowry chest, its profund Romanian identity.

People moving in fashionable circle attended balls and danced waltzes and mazurkas that we forgot long ago and the young ladies of marriageable age sighed tenderly at the sight of eligible bachelors in their top hats.

In the countryside mansions, however, people still enjoyed the rhythm of the traditional Ciuleandra and they ate the hearty sarmale and roasted suckling pig.

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