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The shop Wagner - Fine Arts and Fairy Tales emerged as a response to the need of artistic expression and communication.

A place of tales, because every artist on show comes with their own story. A space of art gallery, where art is presented in a non-conformist manner, in a warm and friendly environment. It is non-conformist, because for Ana Wagner, the founder of this concept store, china is the carrier of her drawings and paintings. Her fairy tales, stories of princesses and heavenly landscapes, with travelling cats and flying houses are no longer laid on the common paper or conventional canvas. This is true not only for Ana, but also for the artists she co-operates with and who we can meet in this space.

It is a shop where events and exhibitions take place, or one can simply have a friendly chat over a cup of hot tea. The space itself is an act of art through its optimism and colour, inlaid in the gray of the city, and last but not least, in the cultural-artistic context of Bucharest.

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