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A state-of-the-art Resort for Cats and Dogs! Complete with Romania’s first ever Pet Hotel and a professional Dog Training Center, benefiting from facilities amounting to an overall 30,000 sqm. Also the only facility of its kind to be centrally located at the very heart of Bucharest’s north area. Pay us a visit at 162-164 Barbu Vacarescu St., between Pescariu Sports Club and Billa/Kaufland.


Pluto Pet Hotel is the largest pet hospitality facility in the country and one of the largest in the CEE region, with a capacity of individual-room accommodation for 80 dogs and 20 cats.
Pluto Pet Hotel houses four types of rooms, 24/7 video surveillance w/ remote access, on-site specialized pet caretakers, permanent medical assistance, personalized menu for your four-legged friends, personalized walking schedule & recreational activities!

Accommodation for dogs.

o     VIP (Very Important Pet) – 16 sqm hotel room,  fully furnished and appointed, HDTV, webcam (permanent remote access incl. mobile devices), heating/air conditioning, additional 12 sqm individual terrace. Price 120 RON/night
o       Home Style – 12 sqm hotel room, equipped with furniture, HDTV, webcam (permanent remote access incl. mobile devices), heating/air conditioning. Price 80 RON/night
o       Classic Room – 6 sqm hotel room equipped with bedstead&pillow, heating/air conditioning, additional 6 sqm individual terrace. Price 60 RON/night
o       Economy – 6 sqm exterior roofed  kennel, equipped with 2 sqm wooden doghouse, insulated, individually heated, 4 sqm wooden deck. Price 40 RON/night

Accommodation for cats.

o      Home Style – 12 sqm room, equipped with furniture, HDTV, webcam (permanent remote access incl. mobile devices), heating/air conditioning. Price 50 RON/night
o      Cat Saloon – 6 sqm room with 4 compartments of 1,5m X 1,0m X 1,5 m (Lxlxh) equipped with cat play station with durable sisal, toys, litterbox, bowls, heating/air conditioning. Price 30 RON/night

Optional services: dry or cooked food, medical treatment, playtime&recreational activities, Pet Salon, Pet Taxi.

Dog Daycare – 600 sqm fenced and carpeted enclosure, divided into several spaces that allow your dog to socialize and play with fellow dogs that are behaviorally compatible, under the constant supervision of our staff. Several webcams will allow you to remotely observe all the fun your pet is having with his new friends. Prices:

Day Pass - 30 RON  //  5 days - 140 RON  //  10 days - 260 RON  //  20 days - 520 RON  //  30 days - 690 RON

Dog Training – 2.000 sqm grass course fully equipped for training, practice and play, three professional certified dog trainers, dedicated lounge for HamHam United training club members.
Individual Training – companionship, exhibition, acting, guard & protection, search & rescue.  Price  250 EUR / 20 sessions
Class Training – companionship, agility, frisbee, search & rescue. Price 100 EUR / 12 sessions

Dog Behavioral Therapy – therapy for dogs with behavior or conduct problems such as: excessive shyness, aggression towards dogs or people, fear or car sickness, different phobias, etc. Price 250 EUR / 20 sessions

Pet Taxi – special air conditioned van for pet transport. Average price 50 RON / trip, may vary depending on the distance.

Pet Salon – fully equipped and professionally staffed; complete range of cosmetic services available.

Pet Shop – food, accessories, clothing, training professional products and more.

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Address:   162-164 Barbu Vacarescu Street, 2nd district, Bucharest
Reception phone:  0753 426 426
Reception e-mail:

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