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The brand  of Oxette was created in 1998 in Thessaloniki,  Greece and it soon acquired a leading position in the market of branded jewels, watches and accessories.There are already hundreds points of sale in over 27 countries, all around the world.

Oxette is a brand for independent modern women, who like fashion and use fashion itself to express their own personality and their social position. They are practical women but also able to catch and understand the new trends of fashion. They are open to new kinds of wear abilities and want to experiment.

Oxette answers to women who are looking for something to  differentiate from the usual. They want to demonstrate their uniqueness and still have the possibility to change as much as they desire.

Silver, gold, precious ans semi-precious stones are imaginatively mixed together, when also combined to contemporary materials such as stainless steel, leather, rubber, silicon. Designer’s great care is also given to the international market niches, customizing jewels in accordance to consumer’s morphology and cultural habits, to guarantee an impeccable wear ability in all Oxettte’s jewels, ever.

We invite you to visit our website: www. , a door to the luxurious Oxette world. New and past collections, current and previous campaigns and all of the Oxette news can be found here.
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Oxette – Afi Palace Cotroceni:  4 Vasile Milea Blvd., District 6
Oxette – Baneasa Shopping City:  42D, Bucuresti-Ploiesti (National Highway),  District 1
Oxette – Bucuresti Mall:  55-59, Calea Vitan, District 3
Oxette – Maritimo Shopping Center :  Aurel Vlaicu Boulevard
Oxette – Polus Center:  492-500, Avram Iancu, Floresti


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