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Each night Scheherazade uncoils a story.Reaching the climax, she stops.In order to find out the denouement, the Sultan must spare her life for another night.Then, the story teller begins a new story.And so it is 1001 nopti.An infinite source of delicious stories.
1001 nopti takes you to different worlds by the power of music and of the fabulous Lebanese cuisine, like on a flying carpet.You will discover sensations undreamt-of.Lusts that lay asleep in the inner you.Stories that you have forgotten, even if you were born with them.
1001 nopti Restaurant & Lounge is a unique and innovative concept to spend the leisure time that became the resort of all successful people, of those who detached from the daily affairs and are celebrating the personal achievement.

1001 nopti protects the exclusivity in all its spaces, the décor was built especially for this purpose: a polyvalent space, which meets the most demanding requirements, a mélange balanced between a stylish Lounge, an elegant Restaurant and a exuberant VIP Booth sustained by the relaxed atmosphere, by the Buddha-bar music ambient mixed live by our DJ.

Restaurant 1001 nopti. Lebanese dishes refinement is brought into light by a magnificent decor.
It deserves so. It is the most spectacular and healthy cuisine with direct access to the Mediterranean Sea.
Rich in textures, flavors, scents and colors. Fresh herbs and secret spices. Dishes assortment and combinations are practically infinite. From the habitual hommos or kebab to the exuberant mezze.

After the culinary delight, the body asks for his right to siesta. In the mezzanine, oriental environment elements are brought to life.
Lounge 1001 nopti denotes a refined ambiance, in a perfect blend of services, music and fine drinks and excellent cocktails, which not many have the chance to try them, and the Buddha-bar sound entertains the atmosphere, where the style and ambient are meeting in a perfect harmony.

VIP Booth 1001 nopti repays your successes, celebrates your events and welcomes you with a unique and refined design, specially created to relax and enjoy the company of your partners or your family. Menu Prestige dedicated exclusively to this booth will delight the senses of the most demanding customers and will constantly surprise by the culinary innovation.

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1001 nopti
18th, Ion Brezoianu street, Bucharest
Reservations: +40746.171.111

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