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Welcome to the MIKO world!

Miko was established in 2000, aiming to revolutionize the concept of beauty in Romania, to bring the most effective products and therapies, and to offer a unique experience of beauty at the same level of performance as the Western services.

TODAY, MIKO IS A WELL-KNOWN BRAND in the fields of beauty, anti-aging therapies and body care!
We imagined MIKO centers like those oases that constantly offer you beauty, health, energy and optimism.

We offer now, UNDER ONE ROOF, a wide range of services, treatments and latest technologies of beauty and body reshaping, having no competition on the Romanian market. We do this so that YOU, beauty beneficiaries enjoy the latest, most effective and most efficient products and equipment from the international world of beauty.

We offer not one, but three BEAUTY MIKO centers, where we create the most spectacular looks, combining the professionalism and reputation of our stylists with famous lines of beauty products and cosmetic treatments, favored by the Hollywood stars!

Our team, which has grown continuously for 12 years, offers excellence in beauty and body care services and offers advice, care and friendship to those who cross our threshold. Paradoxically, we asked our clients to be choiceful! Their highest exigencies were and are the engine of Miko Beauty’s evolution!

Today, in the 12 years of presence and evolution, Miko has acquired many connotations and locations, the three Miko centers representing different concepts of elegance and style, having as a sole objective the desire to make accessible an oasis of health and beauty, a place of relaxation, spoiling, where daily stress disappears and where you’re reinforced with beauty and optimism.

Each Miko center has its story and beauty....

Miko Class. First Miko center, opened in 2000 is waiting for you today, fully restored in a unique atmosphere, full of the flavour of the late nineteenth century. Surrounded by authentic furniture and paintings of great value, Miko Class offers, in the centre of Bucharest, on the famous Sylvester Street, the full range of products and services of a luxury beauty center.

Miko Palace. Appraised unanimously as the Palace of Beauty, with murals, stained glass, gold moldings, massive columns of marble, crystal chandeliers and vintage furnishings, Miko Palace opens every day a gateway to a world of elegance. In an absolutely unique atmosphere, it merges, for the full comfort of our clients, the elements of classical architecture and the latest technologies. The most spectacular beauty products and professional excellence complements our unmatched record of Miko Palace.

Miko NORTH, Miko newest center, with modern architecture, minimalist style and hi-tech equipment is a gift to women in Romania who want access to the newest and latest technologies, equipment and anti-aging and beauty therapies on the international market. Miko ... emphasizes our constant concern to always be one step ahead of trends in beauty, body care and anti-aging.

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Miko Class
41st, Silvestru street
mob: +40724.384.997
phone: +4021.211.09.64

Miko Palace
no.19th, Nicolae Iorga street
mob: +40726.388.608
phone: +4021.212.92.50

Miko Nord
no.51st, Nicolae Caramfil street
mob: +40727.739.414
phone: +4021.233.44.46

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For our restaurant offer, please visit the page of Miko Cafe

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