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When visiting a foreign city even for one day, it’s a good idea to find a place where you can feel at home. Rainbow Accommodations provides you with this feeling because we have come up with the best combinations: great central locations, beautifully furnished with a modern touch, very clean accommodation and our friendly team who are capable to solve any problems that a tourist in Romania may run into.

Rainbow Accommodations was founded in 2003 as a multicultural company because our founders have German, Norwegian and Romanian backgrounds. It was also founded on the basis of many years of experiences, ideas and impressions while extensively traveling around Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia.

Every apartment is unique and fully furnished in order to make you feel as if you were at home: air conditioning, TV with satellite cable, free high speed internet 24h, central heating and hot water, laundry machine, and a fully furnished kitchen.

All apartments and studios are situated in downtown Bucharest, in the modern area between Romana Square, University Square and Cismigiu Garden. This area is not only full of life during the day but at night as well, it is the safest location and within easy reach of Bucharest’s tourist destinations. There are banks, food stores, boutiques, liquor stores, cafes and good restaurants all around the area.

We understand very well the companies’ needs and it is very important for us to offer exactly what they need. That’s why, for many years we’ve paid a lot of attention in order to develop the best services for companies and their employees or partners.

Companies which intend to offer to their employees, foreign specialists or business partners excellent and motivational accommodation in Bucharest find in Rainbow Accommodations the best solutions because our services are very flexible in terms of prices and conditions.

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