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The „1880” Restaurant is a unique space combining a modern Medirranean menu with fresh seafood deliciously seasoned and artistically presented.

Beyond the original atmosphere of XIX century reinterpreted, the 1880 Restaurant, wishes to revitalize the spirit of true hospitality and culinary passion. You are invited to experience an amazing treat in its most surprizing nuances. Free all your five senses to enjoy the fresh savor of the sea food and fish, acompanied by a rich and colorful variety of fruits and vegetables, flooded in the most surprising spices mixtures. Chef's inspiration wraping in joy and harmony each dish is a guarantee for an unforgetable experience. Feel the passion present in each plate and in the air, reaching your senses like a meaningfull old story read or told at evening time. It will make you always come back for another story.

The menu is comprehensive and consists of classics as well as a large selection of fish ald shellfish dishes. A well crafted wine list leans towards the regional and european, so let our sommelier advise you on best choices to compliment your meal.

Kubler Kaffee – named after what was once the preffered meeting place for the intellectual elite and local bohemians, the Kubler Kaffee retells the early 20th Century Bucharest coffee shop story. Once the preffered meeting place of Bucharest intelectuals and local 'Boehemians', it now promises to bring together people looking for an inspiration and relaxation oasis.

More than a place to just sip coffee, the Kubler Kaffee is ideal for randezvous, a relaxed cake with friends from our chice of Viennoiseries or a pre-dinner aperitif.

You can start your morning fresh, in our intimate terrace, with the cool air paving the way for a new succesful day. Later, you'll find refuge from the scorching summer and a perfect place for a drink or an exquisite dinner.

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54 Iancu de Hunedoara Blvd.,  011745  Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +40-372.080.080
Fax: +40-372.080.081

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