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About Carturesti:

Cărtureşti is a cultural venue that functions as a bookshop, tea studio, and project space, taking direct action towards revitalizing the Romanian artistic life, urban pleasures and social responsibilities. Since its opening at the end of year 2000, Cărtureşti set its mission on changing the trend in the downsloping book market, promoting quality and value by regarding clients’ demands as a priority investment.

There are thirteen Cărturești shops in Romania, and you can see the addresses and contact details here:

The biggest shop, Cărturești "Verona", is located downtown Bucharest, next to Patria Cinema, on the Magheru Boulevard. There you can find a large selection of english books, from fiction to specialty publishing, a generous selection of CDs and DVDs, stationery and gifts. Besides the tea room, there is also a cafe and a large terrace, serving food and drinks.

You can find out more on our website: or by joining our group of friends:

The discounts for Expat Card owners in Cărturești bookshops are:

• 10% for all books, except for special offers and promotions
• 10% for tea, accessories, stationery
• 5% for all CDs and DVDs, except for special offers and promotions

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