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With over 200 herbs, spices, blends, gourmet salts and delicacies we are not as famous as The Spice
Shop of Portobello Road, not as fancy as Epices Roellinger in Paris or as crowded as the Spice Market
in Istanbul. But we are creative and very passionate. At our small shop you can lend a book, enjoy the
spices for as long as you want, smell them and treat yourself with the best organic spices we can find
from all over the world.

Also, we are exclussive importers for a bunch of pretty famous and so delicious products from the
Irish Organic Garden, such as Bewley’s Coffee, Barry’s Irish Tea, Butterscotch from Wicklow Fine
Foods, Organic Porridge from Flahavans, Organic Cookies from Herron, Mileween Honeys, O’Donnel
Crisps, sweets from Pandora Bell, Sowans and of course all the Organic Herb CO range of products.

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