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Refined Romanian Lessons and Excellence in Language Tuition

Learning a foreign language is a key element of cross cultural communication. It not only allows for dialogue in another's tongue but also gives an insight into foreign cultures, promoting understanding and mutual respect.

Our tutors are all native speakers! They can teach you Romanian using English/French/German/Italian/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ Russian.

If you are looking to learn Romanian or are a company wishing to provide Romanian language lessons for your staff, then A_BEST can help you!

First-Class Tuition

With so many companies offering language lessons in Bucharest, why come to us? Simple...

We teach all levels, from beginners to advanced
•Lessons are always tailored to meet the client's specific needs
•All our tutors are top-notch people with great experience
•Tuition can be at home/office.

Tailored Lesson Structure

At A_BEST Foreign Language Center, we take a flexible approach to our work and ensure that considerable time and
energy is invested into the creation of lessons which are tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients.

If you wish to learn Romanian for personal or travel related reasons, we offer general language lessons.

For those wishing to learn Romanian for career related reasons we analyse your needs and – for instance – if you work in a specific sector such as banking, sales, import/export or tourism, we concentrate on developing your Romanian having this in mind. Thus, the lesson content and materials will all help you learn Romanian that is relevant to your job or career.

Lessons are developed using course books, industry/sector related materials and modern media such as radio programmes, newspapers and business journals.

Distinguished Language Tutors
A_BEST's foreign language teaching staff are all established professionals with many years experience. All are qualified and have excellent communication skills. Due to the diverse backgrounds of our clients, strong cultural awareness is a key factor.

Exclusive Lessons in Bucharest
Lessons are delivered only on a private basis, one-to –one/ in pairs (2 students at a time)/ in mini-groups (3/4/5/6
students at a time). Our tutors can travel to your office or official residence.

Competitive Costs
We can offer you a quote once we understand who you are and what you need.

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