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VIP Casco insurance from Otto Broker

Founded in 2001 as Total Advisor, our company offers insurance brokerage services for both corporate and retail clients. We have been different from the very beginning. What made us stand out were the high quality services, the professionalism but most of the urge to innovate. In 2008 we became Otto Broker and the company began a new stage in its development. This rebranding marked the clear separation of the two Otto Broker divisions: retail and corporate.

In 2009 we teamed up with Carrefour and launched the Insurance for all national project, thus consolidating our leadership position on the shopping centre insurance segment. Now the Otto Broker – Insurance for all sales offices are open in shopping centers in Bucharest and the rest of the country and offer clients all types of policies: RCA, CASCO, home insurance, medical insurance and many more. Our network covers two thirds of the country and we are still growing. The consistency of our approach brought us a portfolio of over 100.000 clients who enjoy best quality services and who benefit from our constant efforts to educate and inform about insurance. The value of the Otto Broker business model was confirmed by the elite of the Romanian insurance market on March 31st 2010. Our company won the Initiative of the Year in Insurance Brokerage Special Prize for developing the retail business model in large shopping centers all across Romania.

Corporate division clients are mostly large and medium-sized Romanian companies, but we also manage risks for multinational companies present in Romania. As a corporate broker, our services consist of evaluating the risks a business is exposed to, auditing the current insurance program and configuring the best possible program according to risk exposure and the client’s specific needs. Otto Broker negotiates and places insurance policies, and then provides management and claim assistance services. We have always stood out thanks to our ability to find solutions, to innovate and be close to our clients. We have succeeded in doing this by always trying to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and finding solutions that best cover their risks and reduce the amount of money they spend on insurance. This is how we  understand “spend less to cover more”.

At the moment, the Otto Broker team consists of 130 insurance specialists. From the very beginning we understood that in a consultancy company people are essential and that the quality of our services and the success of the company depended on the team’s proficiency.

Otto Broker means:
Efficiency, Initiative and Integrity – in all our actions and most of all, in everything the client receives.
Innovation and Intelligence – we think positive and we consider every obstacle a potential opportunity.
The team – a state of mind that gives us the certainty of success.

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VIP MOTOR HULL INSURANCE is a unique product in Romania, Otto Broker offered exclusively in partnership with Certasig. Insured values exceed 100,000 Euro, and the risk is London market reinsured, at two Lloyd's Syndicates, the largest insurer worldwide.

The policy is valid in Romania, the European Union and Turkey.
• You are protected against usual damages from accident; hit the parking lot, theft etc. In additionally, you have more coverage and additional services.
• The policy covers vandalism of any kind, including corrosive substances and chemical products.
• Covers accessories "brand", like bags or umbrella.
• You can start fixing the service sites abroad.
• Establishment of an insured event is made anywhere in Europe within 24 hours after approval damage.
• Towing the damaged car is fully covered, both in Romania and the European Union.
• The finding is made by an independent international consultant.
• Acceptance of payment shall be sent to service within one day estimates transmission works.
• Acceptance of payment for the total damage is sent up to two days of providing estimates.
• Payment of compensation is made within 10 days acceptance of final estimate and completes the file, showing total damage from the accident.
• The amount of insurance is maintained throughout the insurance. This eliminates the risk that, if a major damage to be compensated at a lower than the insured.

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